• T.P. O'Dúnín

December Update

There’s not much to report this month, as progress is slow.

  • As before, the comic is still going ahead, no changes there. The search for a new artist is still ongoing.

  • The World Building blog will start, as I said before, on the 18th of December, which will be the final blog post of 2017. There are 6 parts and some of the posts will feature images. This will carry the blog forward into 2018 with the final part being published sometime in April.

  • I am considering doing some short stories and releasing them on the site here. I’ve no idea yet what form they’ll take or what themes I might use. It’s something I’m mulling over. More than likely they’ll be based either in my Fantasy world or my Sci-Fi world, but nothing is certain yet.

That's all for now. T.P.

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