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May Update

A new month, a new update! There’s not much to report this time around as little has changed from last month. There are a few items of note though, in relation to the short stories, the blog, and the website.

The World Building Blog is complete I’m sure you’ll all agree that it went on perhaps a little too long. If I do any specials in future I think I’ll restrict them to three parts at most. It should hopefully make digesting them a little easier. You’ll have noticed my return to the old style of blog post, hopefully. It was somewhat strange, as I’ve had weeks off from writing blogs. It’s not coming as easy as I’d like, but with a little luck I’ll be back in the swing of things in no time!

My first short story is now uploaded in its entirety. It was a long time coming and I’m glad that it’s complete. I’m still messing around with styles, which means that the next short will feel substantially different. I’m not completely satisfied with it, but that goes for anything I do, in this case, close enough is good enough, at least if I want to get anything finished!

With the completion of the first short story, I’ve made the notes and map available on the site, as well as a video for the creation of the map. All of this can be found under the notes section on the top menu. In regard to the mapping video, I didn’t get a chance to create one for the second short, as at the time I had a different plan in mind, but the future of this I think will be more background on the location in the voice over, rather than just detailing the process.

Speaking of the Short Stories, I’ve decided to go with a twelve-week cycle, rather than the anticipated nine-week cycle. This affords me more time to get the writing and editing done and gives me some breathing room. I know this may disappoint some of you, but I may work something out to fill in the missing week.

And finally, the website. There’s been a few adjustments lately, nothing huge for the most part, more on the nature of layout and font sizes, but there have been two additions. First is the afore mentioned “Notes” section on the top menu. That will take you to the background material section. The second is the new Left-hand side menu. This will contain a list of completed short stories. Click on the links provided and you will get the three parts of the Short story in question. It’s a small addition but as the number of Short Stories goes up I hope it’ll make going back to read earlier ones easier.


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