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Free Wheeling

I’ve been reading Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time lately and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. This will mark the first time that I’ve read the entire series, start to finish, without having to wait for the next book in the series to be published. I know some people are intimidated by the sheer scope of the series and I fully acknowledge that it has its flaws, but what series doesn’t? I’m awed by what Jordan managed to create, a series twenty-three years in the making; it never fails to make me sad that he never got to see it completed. I’d like to think, that after I’ve kicked the bucket, I’ll have left behind a body of work that’s almost as good.

Writing this, it’s also occurred to me that many of the fantasy writers that I have followed for many years are all getting old or have died. Raymond E Feist is seventy-two, George R.R. Martin is sixty-nine, Terry Brooks is seventy-four, and David Gemmell is dead, as is David Eddings. Thankfully some of my other favourite authors are much younger, so there’s some solace there! Currently, if I could only read one author, it’d be Jim Butcher. I like his style and his sense of humour, not to mention that his characters just feel, real. It’s something I’d very much like to be able to pull off. Ah well, practice, practice, practice, as they say. Getting back to the Wheel of Time, one of the things I’ve noticed about it, and others agree, is that while Rand is the main character, the hub of the story, it’s Mat who is by far the more interesting individual. Rand starts out interesting enough, to be sure, but Mat overtakes him and leaves him for dead. Poor Perrin never really had a look in. Rand begins as a relatively three-dimensional character, albeit one that needs more fleshing out, and Mat starts as a typical second tier character, the moral support, the friend who needs help, colour for the story. But around the time Mat leaves the White tower, Rand is already complaining about his fate and starting to become more like a support character, while Mat just keeps getting better and better. I’ll allow that this might be a symptom of the series being planned, originally, for a mere six books and then being extended to fourteen. I don’t know what the planning process was like, but I imagine that if the original plan had been adhered to, Rand may have remained an interesting character; however, perhaps we then wouldn’t have gotten the Mat we know now. In any case, I doubt this will be a problem I’ll ever have. Back in the ancient past, I had taken a hiatus from attempts at writing the great novel and made the switch to film and television production. Over the course of two years, I was able to flesh out one of my worlds, create the beginnings of a television series (project work, not an actual real TV series!), I composed music, worked on studio and location pieces, and had an absolute blast. Granted there were modules I hated, but that’s to be expected, I think, for any cours . Let us never again mention Media Analysis and Production Management!


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