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Year One!

I’ve been writing furiously these past few weeks, and I’ve been enjoying it. So much so in fact, that it almost escaped my notice that it’s been almost exactly a year since I began this journey. You might not have noticed of course, as most of you have only started following me in the last few months. Still, it is something to celebrate. I had different plans, when this all started. I was going to jump straight into working on a Graphic Novel, I had a plot worked out and an artist lined up to work with me, but life got in the way, as it frequently does. And so, to keep the pot boiling, I decided to write a blog. My reasoning was that it would keep me writing and make me feel as though I were still doing something, while background difficulties resolved themselves. Obviously they never did, but thankfully I was able to adapt and here we are today.

In May I started thinking about the next twelve months, about what I wanted to accomplish, and I realised that rather than think about the next year, I needed to think about where I wanted to go. So I decided to start a Patreon Campaign, which you’ll know about by now. While I’m not expecting an income that I can live off, I think just being able to offset my hosting and domain rental costs would be nice! And who knows? It might grow over the years! Going through the process of setting up the campaign forced me to think harder about what I wanted to do, and so, I came up with a list of goals. You’ll have noticed them on the website by now I’m sure. These aren’t yearly goals, they’re ultimate goals to aim for. I’ll only take the next step when I think I’ve done enough work on the current step, and there’s always the chance that I won’t achieve some of them. I’m prepared for that. Failure isn’t something that scares me. What I hope is that working on one step will build the groundwork for the next.

Have I mentioned lately how grateful I am for all of your support? If I haven’t, then allow me to say it now. There are times when the writing doesn’t come so easy, and I despair of getting anything finished, but knowing that you’re out there helps more than I can say. So pat yourselves on the back. Good job!

I think I’ll end this rambling blog post here, I’ve taken up enough of your time. I hope that you’ve enjoyed my meandering blogs over the last year or so and I hope that you’ll stay with me for the next year.

Is Mise, T.P. O’Dúnín

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