Sadly, the holiday is over and I’m back to work. It’s always tough getting back to the desk after some time off. I probably shouldn’t complain though, so moving on!

There were some very interesting developments in the book world in the last few months, at least interesting to me. Three of my favorite book series are being planned as TV series. The Riftwar Cycle, by Raymond E. Feist, The Wheel of Time, by Robert Jordan, and The Dresden files, by Jim Butcher. Some of you will already know that one of these is not like the others. The Dresden files is actually a reboot, but I’m still excited, and while I didn’t mind the previous attempt too much, I’m hoping that they do a better job this time around, in particular the casting. I have no issue with Paul Blackstone personally, and I sort of like him in arrow, when I get time to watch it, but I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that he was not a good cast for Dresden himself. I always felt that he was a little old for the role. I was asked during recently who I’d like to see portray Bob, and the first name that popped into my head was James Marsters, forgetting completely that he had done the audio books for the series. I could be way off base, but in my head, he feels right. I’m quietly hopeful that the other two series will be treated with respect and turn out okay. Of the two, I feel that The Wheel of Time will be the most challenging to do. A huge cast of characters, with almost every character having their own storyline, each storyline being a necessary thread in the story. It will make Game of Thrones look straight forward. I don’t envy the producers of that show. Then again, being able to work on something that epic may well be something to aspire to! The Riftwar Cycle, I think, will be the easier to adapt, owing to the way it’s written. Although it won’t be without its own difficulties. Once again, a huge cast of characters, a vast geography and in this case, time. The Rifwar Cycle takes place over 153 years. I think. It’s hard to pin down an exact number but that seems to be the commonly accepted timespan, give or take a few years I suppose. I’m not sure if Feist has given us a definitive number, maybe someone can let me know. In that time, characters come and go, as one would expect. But in that time, each story arc is huge. It’s a hell of an undertaking! In terms of books being adapted The Wheel of Time has the fewest books, coming in at fourteen, fifteen if you include the prequel. The Dresden files comes in second, with fifteen books and multiple short stories as I write this. The Riftwar cycle however has thirty books, with a connected trilogy written by Janny Wurts, and multiple short stories. No matter how you look at these series’, there’s a lot of material to be covered and I look forward to seeing them on screen, as long as they don’t end up like The Shannara chronicles …


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