April Update

It’s a whole new month, the year is moving along at a rapid pace, so much so that with the new workload I find I’ve started to forget about the small routine tasks that keep this project rolling. So having noticed this, my calendar is loaded up with new reminders and such to keep me on track! Despite the site being live now for seven months I’m still adding things to it as I go, as I’m sure you’ll have noticed. I plan to do a review of all the live pages in August and get rid of anything that’s not contributing to the running of the site and to your enjoyment, but that’s for a later date. – Squints at the contact page.

In regards to the writing, the first two parts of my first short, “A Death Before Dawn” are live. Some of you have let me know that you’re enjoying it, which is immensely gratifying. Hopefully the concluding part 16th of April will satisfy you all. Currently the Second short is being looked over by my friendly neighbourhood editor and should be ready to go live on time, again in three parts. You’ll be happy to note that my third short is well into the planning phase and hopefully writing should start in the next week or so. As for my Blog, the final part of my World Building Blog will go live tomorrow. I hope that you’ve enjoyed the blog and found it interesting. I certainly enjoyed writing it. Following on from that, the main blog will resume on the 23rd of April, as expected.

In other news, I’m still floundering around and looking for an artist for the Comic (You hadn’t forgotten about that had you?), but in all honesty, the search has taken a bit of a back seat while I work on the short stories. I’m still hoping to have a new short story every nine weeks, but I am weighing up the option of making it every 12 weeks, to give me more time. I’ll know more by the time it comes to publishing the third short.

I’ve started uploading photos to the behind the scenes section of the site, most are project related, without giving away details, some are just photos from my daily life. It’s just a glimpse behind the scenes for your entertainment. There is no upload schedule so keep an eye on it if this interests you. I’m still considering the Patreon page. I’m not certain that there is much point to it, but any income that it would generate would go to offsetting the cost of hosting the site and related costs. In any case I think it’s a little too early yet, so perhaps next month I’ll have a better idea. T.P.

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