February Update

The year has started to move along nicely, with sluggish January out of the way, we move into February. I’ve been making some minor adjustments to the site throughout January and there’s a new page due to go live soon. More about that in a moment. As I said last month when I was laying out my hopes and goals for the year, I mentioned that I had been considering posting some Short Stories to the site. Having thought long about it I’m happy to report that it’ll be going ahead. Starting next month, Monday March 5th to be exact. I’m still ironing out the details, but currently my plan is to publish each short in three parts, one part every three weeks. With this schedule in place, there will now be fresh content posted to the site two Monday’s out of three. This is going to be my first big test with personal scheduling as I’ll have to have a new short and three new blog posts every nine weeks. Fingers crossed I can maintain productivity. As for the new page, I’ve decided to add some of my personal holiday videos to the site. Currently these videos are either Winter Sports, Motorbike Touring, or Martial Arts related. Uploading will be sporadic as I don’t have any sort of schedule worked out for them. I spent a week last month salvaging content from my old laptop which had decided all on its own to just stop working. Unfortunately the content is unedited, so I have to start all over again. In other words, watch this space. T.P.

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