July Update

Well we’re just powering through this year. Over halfway through 2018 and I’m fairly happy with how things are progressing. Currently, parts one, and two, of The Stand are live on the website with part three coming on the ninth of July. The blog continues on and by August, the little personal stories that I append to each blog entry may come to an end as that should bring us right up to date. In the background my third short story, as yet unnamed, is edited and ready to be uploaded, the notes and background material of the second short are ready to go live on the site following the upload of part three and I have several more blogs ready to go. I think I’m on top of things for the moment. Which brings me to my next point, some news! I’ve spoken in the last few months about starting a Patreon Campaign and I’m pleased to announce that it’s now live. There is a series of rewards for your support, the first of which will be a regular live chat with me. I’ve no idea what the chat will be about yet, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something. What I do know, at least right now, is that the Live Chat will be hosted on Discord. For those of you unfamiliar with the platform, it’s generally used by gamers and the like, and hosts voice, and text group chat. I have no plans as of now to use the voice chat function. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the future, just not right now. The use of Discord will necessitate logging in and such, but as you can sign in with your Facebook account details, it should, hopefully, be a simple process.

I’m changing my uploads, both Blogs and Short Stories, to Monthly rather than the current three-week rotation. That will slow down the blogs a little but shouldn’t affect the Short Stories too much. Right now, a full short story is started every 12 weeks, which is as close as makes no difference to 3 months. This will make scheduling things a little easier for me and make everything more predictable. It also means an easier integration with Patreon. The changes to the uploads will begin in August, which will allow me to complete The Stand as scheduled. You may have noticed that I’ve changed the home page of the website to reflect the Patreon campaign. This will be its current format for the next while and then I may consider some more changes. I’ll see how things go.

So, to recap, Patreon Campaign, a longer wait for Blogs but no real change to delivery of Short Stories, an altered website Homepage, and live chat! Hooray? That’s everything for now, I look forward to updating you again next month! T.P.

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