June Update

Another month and another update! As usual, there’s not much to update you on. This is mostly due to the fact that any changes to the site, or the way I do things is gradual; small steps, constantly! You’ll have noted that the first part of my second short has been uploaded. I’m eager to see how you receive it. As I’m still experimenting with styles, you’ll note that I switched from the first-person perspective in the first short to third person in this second short. Behind the scenes, I’m finishing work on the third short and have already started work on the fourth! The extra time between the short stories is helping productivity while also easing the pressure of deadlines! I had been planning on using digital mapping software of a sort to create more detailed maps of each location, but for the moment I’ve concluded that it’s just too time intensive. Still, I bought the software and so maybe I’ll be able to work something out with it at a later date. I’m still working on putting together a patreon page, but as of right now I’m not certain what incentives I can offer, aside from early access to each upload. If you have any ideas, be sure to let me know! That’s it for this update, nice and short! T.P.

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