March Update

You’ll no doubt have noticed the new menu link on the site, “Behind the Scenes” links to a gallery full of behind the scenes photos and video clips. This gallery will be joined some time later by other galleries, each one dedicated to a short story. The first gallery will go live following the publication of the final part of the first short story. The succeeding galleries, will, for reasons I will explain below, be published a considerable time after their related short story. The general interests gallery will be updated on a regular basis however, so there will usually be fresh content to view. The reason for the delay is because I am going to launch a Patreon Page. While the income from this will be minimal, it will help to offset the cost of running the website and the purchasing of new software. Every little helps as they say. As part of running the Patreon Page, I intend to offer rewards, such as early access to material, supporting material, maps, timelines, etc. This is why supporting material from the second short story onwards will be uploaded late. Regarding the short story publication schedule, my thoughts at the moment are the same as I mentioned last month, each story will be split in to three parts, with one part being published every three weeks. There are other schedules I’d like to try, such as a whole short story once a month, but I want to make sure that I can maintain that level of productivity without being under too much pressure before committing to it. In other news, the Short story writing is progressing nicely, I’m about halfway through the first draft of the second Short and the blog updates are continuing as normal. All is looking good so far. T.P.

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