It’s a little strange, returning to writing regular blogs again. The World Building Blog has kept me busy since the close of 2017, but here we are. So recently I went to see Black Panther, and I honestly enjoyed the movie. Of late, I think everyone has started to get jaded by the constant barrage of “Super Hero” movies. It’s nice to see that the studios have picked up on this and are trying to change their templates a little. Obviously, I’m talking about Marvel Studios here. We can’t hold Marvel solely responsible for the glut though, we too are to blame. Marvel wouldn’t make the movies if there was no money to be made from them, and as long as we buy tickets and watch the movies they’ll keep churning them out. As I said though, it is nice to see them making some changes. The most recent Thor film was utterly enjoyable, as was Black Panther. I am not, however, looking forward to the Infinity War movies. The constant drive for bigger and better has made the previous ensemble movies creak under their own weight, in my opinion. There’s more and more action required from each movie, with less time given to plot or character development. I’m waiting for the day when we finally get a movie that is all action and zero plot, just explosions for entertainment. It’ll probably be directed by Michael Bay. Speaking of Michael Bay, can someone please take my beloved childhood characters, The Transformers, away from him and reboot the entire thing? I enjoyed the first one, but it was all downhill from there. All that stopped me from walking out of the most recent installment was that I’m stubborn, refuse to waste the price of the ticket, and I hadn’t finished my popcorn. I’d love to see a live action movie with the characters back in their G1 designs, or at least something close. I may be getting more and more nostalgic as I get older, but I doubt I’m the only one with this wish. So, returning to the early nineties. I had finished my first opus and had started work on my second. My first project had taken me three years and change to write, and probably clocks in well under 50,000 words. I’ve never actually checked to be certain. My second project took me about one year. I’ve never checked the word count on this one either, being hand written, like the first. It is most likely well under 100,000 words, but over 50,000. This is just a guess, but it feels right. Someday I may investigate, and probably be very disappointed. Just like the first, it is an absolutely awful piece of work, but, as with the first, I am absolutely proud of it. Two highly polished turds. They sit in a box, in storage, waiting for the day that I, in some fit of madness, decide to resurrect them, edit them to hell, and release them into the wild. I live in fear of this and plan to lock them away in a secure location, with a passcode known only to an impartial person.


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