Terms and Conditions

When submitting a name, you are agreeing to the following:


The name must be, or must sound like, a real name.  It can't be anything like "Lovestick111", or "Ja$k", or similar.  Apostrophes  and Hyphenated names are acceptable.  Eg. Al'entu'ph, Tar-te-ees, Al'tar-ess, etc.


Please include an approximate phonetic spelling of how you would like the name pronounced in english.  If I need to speak about a character you have named, I would like to be able to pronounce the name correctly.  While I have a few words in multiple languages, I will probably be unaware of the subtleties of pronunciation if you choose a real, non-English name.
Eg. Tar-te-ees, pronounced Tar tay eez   


This is a lottery.  Only one name will be chosen.  I'd like to be able to have everyone name a character, but it's just not feasible.  The previous winner will be announced at the start of each new lottery.  


Due to the nature of how I write, it's altogether possible that your character may appear in more than one short story.  Therefore, you can potentially name multiple characters in a short story.  However, I won't announce the return of such characters, it'll be up to you to spot them, or not.


Some characters may survive a short story, some may not.  They may have a speaking part, they may say nothing.  The reward here is naming a character, not dictating actions or speech. 


With a little luck, some of these short stories may end up in print.  This means that the name you have selected may appear in print.  Please select a name that you would not be unhappy to see printed on a page.  Also be aware that you will be granting me ownership of your selected name, and should your selected name appear in print, you will have no claim to any royalties incurred.


As long as you are subscribed to the relevant tiers, you will never be excluded from a lottery.


To avoid potential future issues, I'd encourage you to submit a name you haven't yourself used, or plan to use, elsewhere.

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